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Our projects

We have successfully completed an impressive variety of construction projects and built up experience with a dedicated and loyal team who are able to deliver projects reliably, on time and within budget.


This project list demonstrates our ability to manage and construct a wide variety of jobs for our customers, whatever the requirements. The examples below exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.

A selection of our recent projects

May 2024

Chilled water compound for a new data centre.

Complete in aluminium cladding and valve boxes.

November 2023

College plantroom finished with Isogenotech cladding and valve mats.

June 2022

Catalytic convertor at a fruit farm in the Fens.

January 2020

Rolls Royce jet fuel test plant

August 2018

Letchworth boiler house


August 2017 - Port Sunlight

Chilled water pipework


July 2017

Another vessel being shipped to the continent

August 2016

Biomass straw boiler and storage tank on a strawberry farm in Dundee.

June 2016

Blending vessel. Insulated on site near Huntingdon prior to shipping abroad.

Biomass boiler system at a Royston grain store August 2015

Biomass boiler system at a Royston grain store

Jan 2015 - Fenlands


Mineral wool insulation over trace heated pipework with PIB cladding and weatherproof insulated mats on fittings.



North East London regeneration scheme

2012 - 2016

Mammoth Insulation Services Limited have been lucky enough to have been awarded substantial contracts in many of the on going London regeneration schemes including areas such as Tottenham, Greenwich, Severn Sisters and Wembley, carrying out insulation work on new builds up to 30 stories high.

May 2014

Mile End Road


Woodberry Down Estate Regeneration Programme

Aluminium cladding over mineral wool insulation on pipework with silicone coated glass cloth mat on valves in basement plantroom.

October 2013

Milton Keynes


White powder coated aluminium cladding on chiller pipework on a university roof.


July 2013

External ductwork on roofs at Centreparks.

Black Ventureclad over Phenolic slab on roof with added protection from bird attack.



May 2013

New ARLA £150 million dairy

We were asked to insulate chilled water pipework, tanks, valves and fittings with class 'O' Armaflex in the new plastic bottle production area

Houghton Regis 2013


Isogenopak clad insulation in a boiler room.

Year 2013

19th Century Bedfordshire manor house

Roof joists super insulated with Celotex board so that the loft area can be occupied.

Various plantrooms at a local University


Foil finish mineral wool and silicone coated valve jackets



Insulation to hot water cylinders at a tomato farm

Plain aluminium cladding over mineral wool slab

Much Haddam

Year 2012


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